cheese dreams

study conducted in 2005 by the British Cheese Board attempted to debunk this claim by giving 200 participants 20 grams (roughly 0.7 ounces) of cheese 30 minutes before they went to bed and asking them to record their dreams and quality of sleep. In the study, 67% of participants recalled their dreams, and none reported the presence of any nightmares, something the Cheese Board is calling a win.

Instead of night terrors, the researchers report that the cheese resulted in pleasant nighttime fantasies in most individuals. They even went so far as to test the varying effects different types of fromage had on an individual’s dream-state. From their conclusions, blue Stilton resulted in the most bizarre trips, affecting about 80% of participants and resulting in visions of talking animals, vegetarian crocodiles and warrior kittens. On the other end of the spectrum, Cheshire cheese produced the least memorable nights, with less than half of the participants being able to recall their dreams.

The study (again, initiated by the cheese industry) also claimed that eating cheese before bed actually helped people fall asleep. This is supposedly due to the relatively high tryptophan content in cheese, an amino acid involved in the production of melatonin (and serotonin), which plays an important role in our sleep-wake cycle.

Frere fumant and Dutch girl cheese

Gouda and prima donna


Some crispy gouda and prima donna (Parrano) cheese from East Village Cheese shop. Gouda was especially nice. I enjoyed them with my roommate and his girlfriend, a small welcome back party with a bottle of Lagavulin and few beers. 


Sapore del Piave and Wilde Weide Gouda



Sapore del Piave comes from one of the finest makers of Sottocenere, Sergio. Salty, buttery, and nutty, this aged cow’s milk cheese has a texture similar to Parmigiano, but a subtler flavor. Great substitute for Parm, and amazing in its own right. It’s a favorite of the Stinky cheesemongers, and we’re sure you’ll agree. text from 

Wilde Weide Gouda 


Majoreo cheese pairs well with pear. Milky and nutty. Bit acidic and buttery. From a goat in Spain.   

I enjoyed it with prosciutto di parma. 

Blu del Moncenisio

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Wilde Weide Gouda


Wilde Weide Gouda with some baguette, blood orange and pear. Also a slice of avocado and leftover blue cheese 

Very crisp and flavorful.  

PDF about the cheese